Equipments & Measuring Instruments

▷ Huge Rework Space

​▷ Experiences for Rework

​▷ Prepared Rework Infra

    - Middle grade clean room & 3 Convayers


★ Possession  of equipment

   : Oscilloscopes, Multimeters, Color analyzer, Particle counter, Soldering & De-soldering machines, Pattern generator, Lupe

​      Microscope, ETC..

Mexpia S.A. de C.V. is prepared

 to support our customer to get rid of

their issues as soon as possible. 

We are giving rework support since 2006 and always complete the promise with our customer. 

★ Offering :

     - Simple visual inspection, Components Lot checking

     - Electrical Checking and Test

     - Soldering & De- soldering rework

     - PBA Rework (Ability for LED Bar, MLCC, Chip-R, IC, FET,

                                    Diode, etc..)